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On these pages the laboratory methods used by the sediment geochemistry group of the marum are described. Please do not hesitate to mail alternative methods, errors, references or useful links.

Marine Geochemsitry textbookThe main objective of the current marine investigations are both porewater and solid phase analysis of sediment material recovered during several cruises e.g. with research vessels such as METEOR. or SONNE. Published data from these cruises may be accessed through the PANGAEA database system.

In our group, modelling of porewater and sediment interactions and diffusive processes is performed.

The second edition of "Marine Geochemistry" edited by Horst D.Schulz and Matthias Zabel contains all different aspects associated with our marine investigations.

As an addition to brief descriptions of both laboratory and on-board methods in this book, we set up these webpages, which are meant to be subject to discussion and continuous updating.

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